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Buckle up with
the revolutionary Crypto Seatbelt

The #1 risk management solution protecting retail investors from the dangers of crypto market volatility

Personalized, protected and performance driven
crypto advice in a single click

Complex Wall Street grade risk-adjusted investing made simple and accessible to all

How risk adjusted investing recommendations solve decision making bias to limit your losses

We generate more returns risk-adjusted than a Buy & Hold strategy on any crypto asset (while protecting the investor)

How do we do it?

We all know that seatbelts protect us from unpredictable events, but what about the unforeseen market dangers when you're investing? How are you safeguarded against them? That's why we invented our own Crypto Seatbelt! In volatile markets, the crypto seatbelt acts as a dynamic cash reserve by converting part of your tokens into non-volatile stable coins. When things are calm and stable again it will return those funds back to their original tokens.

We provide you with disciplined advice as soon as a market occurrence indicates a change in your portfolio may be advantageous. With a single click, you make your decision and the trade is completed. Market accidents are minimized, and you wealth is protected thanks to our crypto seatbelt.

Steve Rosenblum, Founder

Steve Rosenblum - CEO and Founder, Libertify


Built for Smart Buy & Holders


Protect your downside
to compound your upside

Effortlessly sell in the downturns and buy back in the rebounds. Rack up greater savings and compound your profit for safer, long term investments.

Libertify's Tiger performance vs the Buy and Hold from 01/01/21 to 31/12/22
Libertify's Performance
Buy & Hold Performance

How the new “Dynamic Buy & Hold” beat Bitcoin

2021 Risk adjustment performance story
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Managing risk radically made easier

Build your personal risk profile

Take a risk profiling quiz for FREE and uncover your “unique to you” risk tolerance score.

Connect an exchange or wallet

Connect your account to over 15 Exchanges and 30 Wallets and start your journey.

Receive risk adjusted investment advice

Enjoy personalized, risk adjusted and immediately actionable investment recommendations and finally be protected from the market volatility.

Watching the market rise and fall and doing nothing?

Say goodbye to your Buy & Hold default and the errors of irrational, panic induced economic decisions. Our automated and custom risk-protected trades set the direction for your financial betterment.


Tailored risk-protection from market volatility

Everyone has their personal anxiety levels, and the point at which they panic sell & capitulate. Finally, keep within your financial and emotional comfort zone by enjoying scientific based advice flawlessly adjusted to your personal resilience to risk.


Dodge the dangers of crypto losses in a single click

Reduce your exposure to market declines, by getting immediately actionable, unique-to-you crypto trading recommendations direct to your mobile.

*CeFi and DeFi blockchains supported
Libertify App

Reveal your risk profile

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Join 1000’s at the forefront of conscious finance


Join 1000’s at the forefront of conscious finance

Meerkat risk profile

My husband has long been encouraging me to generate passive income with crypto. But all these huge price swings were scary! I didn’t want to risk it unless there was something similar to a savings account. After finding Libertify, I was relieved and now enjoy stable returns.

Sharon O’Neill

Tiger risk profile

Lovin Libertify. Not just because I’m given the opportunity to harvest my secondary income from crypto, but more because of the whole risk-free factor behind it. Their platform is really sophisticated yet so simple to use. I now know exactly when and what to buy and sell.

Tim Sp.

Shark risk profile

For me, buy and hold was everything until I came around Libertify. I am a risk taker but never learned how to stay calm during market collapses. Libertify gave me a safer option to trade crypto while maintaining a comfortable level of risk. Finally, I don’t check my phone at night.

Jen B.

Tiger risk profile

I originally invested in crypto because I truely believe it is the future. Initially, excited to make some good cash, but since then I have been more worried about losing it. Libertify, with its actionable advices helps me to get out and in of my positions so I’m safe from the craziness.

Tim Spalling


Powerful Integrations

Supporting 100’s of wallets and exchanges

Platform security

Protecting you and your data


Application Security

Libertify maintains rigid application security measures. Libertify’s procedures and controls have been third-party audited to ensure the security, availability, processing, integrity and confidentiality of our customers’ information, including periodical penetration tests and on-going risk mitigation.


Cloud Security​

Libertify uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host its services and is protected by AWS’s data centers and compliance programs in its infrastructure. AWS provides high availability, dependability, and scalability.


Organisational Security

All Libertify employees and contractors have agreed to confidentiality terms and have passed background screenings, extensive security, and privacy protection training.

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A Wall Street investment banker in your back pocket currently at..... ZERO COST

Protecting your best interests 24/7

Try before you buy


Risk adjusted performance results but with simulated trades.

Limit your exposure to the market volatility

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Finally trade according to your personal risk levels.

Try before
you buy


Risk adjusted performance but with simulated trades

Limit your exposure to market volatility

Free for Now

Finally trade according to you personal levels of risks