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Market Evolution

In only 25 years, the Internet revolution, which began in the 1990s, has revolutionized many facets of society, including media, shopping, music, and travel, among others. All of this is due to the more innovative and revolutionary technology that has contributed to the development of new applications.


Safer Crypto Investing
Finally Possible Now

The Blockchain Technology Revolution

Blockchain technology challenges the authority of banks by enabling smart contracts on blockchains to generate greater trust and security programmatically than conventional channels.


What will Libertify’s position be in this new ecosystem?

Libertify is on a mission to make the Web3 economy safer by developing a suite of tools and services to help investors better manage their risk.


The primary cause of investors’ risks is market volatility, which renders their behaviors unpredictable and leads to significant financial losses when emotions take control.


In order to deliver safer financial services and improve risk-adjusted performance, our primary objective is to lower the inherent volatility of all instrument types.


  • No counterparty risk (non-custodian),
  • At lower costs,
  • Without geographical limitation,
  • Fast,
  • Reducing asset volatility,
  • Increasing risk-adjusted performance.

The smart way to Buy &
Hold Cryptocurrency


This letter outlines our strategy for the next 18 months. In order to develop a product that is simple to use, despite its plethora of features, we might face many unforeseen challenges.


Libertify go-to market will be numerous, and we’ll look into both direct client acquisition and partnering with companies that already have captive consumers such as exchanges, wallets, neo banks, traditional banks, web3 infrastructure providers and investment advisors.

Make more by losing less
with Libertify’s AI power