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To systematically monitor an asset’s price action and compute its market exposure based on the investor’s risk profile. This is accomplished through advanced data analysis and proprietary financial techniques, allowing Libertify to provide trading recommendations that are specifically tailored to an investor’s unique needs, risk tolerance and objectives. By combining cutting-edge technology with industry expertise, 
we empowers investors to make emotionless investment decisions and achieve their financial goals.

Deep Data Intelligence Reporting

Reporting is not just about statistics, it is about telling a story, empowering the investor to make informed decisions.


To provide transparent, digestible, real-time reports and insights to help the investor understand its performance of its risk managed investments, but also the context in which they were given.

Financial dashboards
Insights and Stories
Profit or Loss
Financial dashboards

Libertify has developed a gamut of financial reports presenting easy to follow investor performance data across asset, portfolio, and account levels.

Insights and Stories

Libertify has developed a sleek sequence of informative stories presenting long, medium and short term trends, sentiment analysis, coin supply, net flows, 7 day trading volumes, and more. This helps investors amplify their knowledge of the financial markets and understand the context of every single recommendation delivered.

Profit or Loss

Libertify is the only platform that can comprehend a realized P&L via dynamic NAV (Net Asset Value) calculation. This means that the platform has the ability to accurately calculate the net value of an investment portfolio in real-time, taking into account the realized profits and losses. This enables investors to have a more accurate understanding of their investment performance vs non realized views.


01 - Free your mind

Allows investors to stay informed and engaged with their financial performance in a fun and informative manner, and never feel in the dark with market changes.

02 - Learn on the go

Provides investors with an easy way to deepen their knowledge and equip themselves with industry level terms.

03 - Precision accuracy

By aiming to provide accurate and reliable information, investors can have a higher level of confidence that the presented numbers are precise and genuinely representative of reality.

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Granular Investor Understanding

Provides an unparalleled understanding of the investors tolerance
to risk at any given moment in time.

Dynamic Personalized Rebalancing

Provides the intelligence for rebalancing and investment adjustments throughout our suite of products with a level of market responsiveness and personalized precision that is unmatched.

Improved Risk Adjusted Performance

Optimizes the investors risk-adjusted performance, which factors the portfolio’s performance with the amount of risk taken.