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Steve is a serial tech entrepreneur, having developed his love for building great companies after selling Pixmania, Europe’s leading eCommerce company, for 455m Euros in under 6 years of operation with his brother. Steve and his brother founded Dotcorp Finance Private Equity Fund soon after and have invested in 20+ companies globally. In 2019, he established, a financial research platform based in Paris, and since Sept 2021, Steve has dedicated his time to building Libertify, the first suite of crypto risk-management performance tools for retail investors. In July 2022, Libertify closed a round of funding to develop its extensive suite of services to help crypto investors lower the volatility and improve their risk-adjusted performances.
Born in 1974, Steve lives in Paris and has French and Canadian citizenship. Steve is married and has 3 daughters. Steve shares several passions: his family, piloting planes (FAA IFR), boating, traveling, reading, playing guitar, diving, and contemporary art.