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Sustainable Crypto Investing

Humanly impossible to win alone...

The Crypto Markets

Operate 24/7

Highly volatile

Unbearable downturns

Irresistibly exciting


The Human

In-built decision making biases

Struggles with financial decisions

Listens to others with different level of risk


Left with poor, emotional based descions


Emotional buy/sell decisions are costly

Committing to a Buy/Sell decision is tough. Making the wrong decision is costly to your health, wealth, and loved ones. Now finally solved with Libertify's personalized recommendations and automated trades.

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Your resilience to risk is unique to you

Why do we listen to others with completely different personal and financial situations to us? Whether you have $1,000 or $1,000,000 invested, Libertify has only 1 person’s portfolio on its mind. Yours. Each nugget of our advice is perfectly adjusted to cater to your unique situation.


Profit in the downs, not just the ups

Many don't know, but it’s easier to profit when the market goes down versus when the market goes up. Losing capital results is an uphill battle you'll want to avoid. So protect your losses from the downturns to generate better performance from the rebounds.


Invest like a risk-management pro

With or without 20 years of experience, by accepting or rejecting our recommended advice, you’ll be actively and effortlessly investing like a Wall Street winner

The untold truths about Buy & Hold investing

A Libertify Buy & Hold comparison article

Complete control

Our performance to date speaks for itself. But you'll always have the option to reject a recommended trade and decide for yourself. We are not a robo-trader. With Libertify, you'll always have complete control.

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Maximise your risk-reward performance all in one platform


Always invest at a risk you can afford


Cut your losses early in market drawdowns


Maximize your risk performance ratio