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Adaptive Risk Scoring

Adjust investment recommendations to the personal risk profile of the investor.


To calculate and dynamically reevaluate the investors risk profile to reflect evolving personal behaviour and market events. This allows for advice to adapt in real time with a goal of improving
the riskadjusted performance of the investor.

Neural Network

Our risk assessment quiz consists of a thoughtfully curated sequence of 14 questions designed to help determine the investors unique risk profile. The questionnaire strikes the perfect balance between inquisitive, fun, and self-enlightening. To reach a fully optimized investor profile, we encourage investors to answer all questions although we provide the freedom to skip certain questions at 
their discretion.


At Libertify, we take a data-driven approach to delivering accurate risk scores to our investors. To accomplish this, we utilize a sophisticated mathematical model known as clustering. This process allows us to group together similar risk profiles based on specific criteria and characteristics. By identifying patterns in risk behaviors, we are able to refine and enhance the accuracy of our risk scores, enabling us to provide our investors with a more comprehensive understanding of their risk profile. By examining this data in a comprehensive and systematic manner, we are able to create a more detailed and nuanced picture of an investor’s risk profile.

Neural Network

Libertify has developed a sophisticated AI neural network that evaluates an investor’s response to stressful situations and dynamically adjusts their risk profile accordingly. This technology is trained on vast amounts of data, and leverages an investor’s investment history, financial goals, personal preferences, and investment decisions made during the markets cycles. The neural network identifies and responds to changes in an investor’s risk profile, ensuring their portfolio is optimized to meet their unique needs and objectives. With this innovative technology, investors can make informed decisions while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing their portfolio is managed by cutting-edge technology that closely mimics the human brain and nervous system.


Granular Investor Understanding

Provides a deep understanding of the investors

tolerance to risk at a given moment in time.

Dynamic Personalized Rebalancing

Provides the intelligence for rebalancing and investment adjustments throughout our suite of products with a level of market responsiveness and personalized precision that is unmatched.

Improved Risk Adjusted Performance

Optimizes the investors risk-adjusted performance, which factors the portfolio’s performance with the amount of risk taken.