Pyth Network Retrospective Airdrop for dApps

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Pyth Network Retrospective Airdrop for dApps


Cryptoseatbelt (formerly Libertify) empowers individual investors with a suite of financial tools designed for effective wealth management. Our platform features automated recurring token transactions, safeguards against market volatility, and provisions for stop-loss and take-profit strategies—all within a trustless and self-custodial framework. Rigorously audited smart contracts ensure the security and transparency of user funds. When Libertify executes a swap on behalf of the user, such as in the context of a recurring buy, the trustless smart contract must verify that the value of tokens leaving the contract aligns with the value of the tokens received in the swap. To perform this verification, Libertify utilizes a price oracle to cross-reference and validate the values involved in the transaction. In spring 2023, we transitioned to Pyth Network’s pull oracle, enhancing latency, price security, and token coverage across various chains. Since then, Cryptoseatbelt has seamlessly operated on Pyth Network, securing our vaults across 40 tokens and 6 EVMs.

What Will We Do With This $PYTH Tokens?

We plan to allocate our $PYTH tokens as follows:
  • A portion will serve as user incentives for the launch of our recurring buy product. Early adopters will enjoy a share of the tokens, akin to rewards offered on Aave.
  • The remaining portion will be staked to actively engage in Pyth Network’s governance activities and DAO.

Integration with Pyth Price Feeds

We integrate with Pyth Network for obvious reasons:
  • Offering cost-effective price access, crucial as Cryptoseatbelt assumes the costs of current rebalancing operations.
  • Delivering lightning-fast latency, enabling resilient back-end integration and increasing success rates of on-chain transactions, ultimately reducing operational expenses for Cryptoseatbelt.
  • Providing reliable off-chain prices, ensuring top-class user protection.
  • Offering extensive token coverage on EVMs, enhancing the user experience.
  • Fostering vibrant innovation within the Pyth community!

Future Plans

Cryptoseatbelt is gearing up to release its recurring buy product, enabling users to securely set up self-custodial buying and selling strategies, as well as invest in crypto index funds. Private vaults will support nearly all tokens available through Pyth Network across Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, BSC, and Optimism. How cool is that? 😊

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