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To systematically monitor an asset’s price action and compute its market exposure based on the investor’s risk profile. This is accomplished through advanced data analysis and proprietary financial techniques, allowing Libertify to provide trading recommendations that are specifically tailored to an investor’s unique needs, risk tolerance and objectives. By combining cutting-edge technology with industry expertise, 
we empowers investors to make emotionless investment decisions and achieve their financial goals.

Recommendation & Nudging Engine

Serve easily actionable, non emotional, unbiased advice.


To calculate and dynamically reevaluate the investors risk profile to reflect evolving personal behaviour and market events. This allows for advice to adapt in realtime to improve the risk-adjusted performance of the investor.

Deep Data to NLP
Manual or Autopilot
Deep Data to NLP

With natural language processing (NLP), Libertify automatically examines and processes enormous unstructured market data sets. In seconds it packages its analysis and recommendations into concise, comprehensive advice cards for the investor.

Manual or Autopilot

Investors have the option to operate in either manual or autopilot mode, where they retain full control over each action, or delegate the execution to the digital private banker for a frictionless experience.


01 - Free your mind

By receiving automated recommendations and advice, investors can feel confident that they are making the most of both bear and bull markets, without having the time demanding task of constantly monitor their investments

02 - Disciplined greatness

Maintaining discipline is crucial to achieving investment goals, yet it can be a challenge for investors with limited time, lack of knowledge, and exposure to volatile markets. Libertify’s ongoing, actionable nudges and advice ensure that investors stay focused on their goals without sacrificing their spare time or making hasty decisions.

03 - Eliminates bias

As humans, emotions and biases often cloud our financial decision-making, leading to irrational choices and suboptimal outcomes. Libertify’s recommendations are purely data-driven and free from any emotional or biased influence resulting in more consistent accuracy.

04 - Full Control

Giving up control of ones investment can be a difficult decision. At Libertify, we respect the need for autonomy and always offer investors the option to exercise complete control over any advice we provide.

Always know exactly
What to trade

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Granular Investor Understanding

Provides an unparalleled understanding of the investors tolerance
to risk at any given moment in time.

Dynamic Personalized Rebalancing

Provides the intelligence for rebalancing and investment adjustments throughout our suite of products with a level of market responsiveness and personalized precision that is unmatched.

Improved Risk Adjusted Performance

Optimizes the investors risk-adjusted performance, which factors the portfolio’s performance with the amount of risk taken.